There are very few professional layout builders in NSW, willing to build a layout based on your own design.

Why not it just build your own? Well, for some it gets down to time, for others, it could be time or skills or don’t have the tools.

That’s where we can help. We can custom build your layout for you and in this case build stage 2!

It started with a layout we owned. 

We had been working on a layout for some time and one of our longer-term customers was interested in buying a NSWGR themed HO Guage operating layout.

A deal was done and the layout was loaded up for transport to its new home on the Gold Coast. Our customer is time-poor but wanted to run his collection of NSWGR trains he had been collecting. He just could not find time to get started, a common story with modelling.

The existing payout was wired for DCC and all we had to do was to deliver it. The fun started when we could not get the layout, which was in two halves through the shed door!

With some quick carpentry, a new taller door was fitted and we revisited and got the existing “Davidstown” layout up and running. Many pictures on our website feature this layout.

Capable of running 4 trains together, the layout was wired for DCC. The new owner running trains in just a few hours.

His collection includes some larger locos and rolling stock and these were always going to be suited to a layout with larger curves. Our client also had a desire for a large turntable and loco depot.

He spent the best part of a year, refining 13 designs before contacting us to build stage 2. Our brief was to build the baseboards, lay track and wire for DCC.

Stage 2 starts.

Two weeks before Christmas we set off back up to the Gold Coast to start Stage 2. The layout was built in a purpose-built shed with Airconditioning (luckily for us.) and we would join it up to Davidstown with a drop-down bridge.

The Framework starts

With any build, having a plan was essential and our client had completed a plan using Railmodeller Pro, an online track planner. The added advantage of these track planners is that they can deliver a stock list for points and tracks using the supplier’s catalogues.

Another advantage is that you can review your plan and make amendments.

The first two days were spent with baseboard preparation; we use a lightweight method as many layouts are overbuilt and too heavy. We avoid using particle board or MDF as it can distort of wet.

Once our basic frame was built, we then set out affixing it to the walls, which for us, in this case, was very easy as all the walls were 12mm marine ply. Our lightweight aluminium legs were used to match the existing layout.

With the baseboard complete, we gave it a quick coat of paint, which makes it easier when the scenery is completed. Our client wanted to do the scenery himself with other mates.

Track Laying begins.

Wednesday and we started laying track, in this case planning for DCC with Insulfrog Peco points which we supplied.

These points work well with DCC and can isolate tracks on DC.

After 2 long days all the track was laid, some points that were hard to reach had surface mount Peco point motors added.

The last day was DCC wiring. We added a wire to each track which was switched and neatly cabled underneath the layout.

We fitted the well known Anton’s Trains 125′ NSWGR Turntable that our client had purchased and this took a fair bit of time to fit and test. We also fitted a ‘Frog Juicer” to allow for trains to reverse on the reverse loop and the turntable.

The layout is now having scenery added and in a few months’ time,  will be a worthy addition to the owner’s collection.

Contact us today and ask how we can get you running trains on your own custom-built layout.


So how does this layout look now? Our customer has been working with a very experienced scenery modeller along with his own talents and the layout is close to complete.

Work on a layout like this can take many years, but some of us don’t have the time to wait. Importantly, our client is running trains and enjoying our hobby.