The Great 38 Class Gathering

See some of these famous models running on one of the layouts that we built. With DCC you can run as many locos together on one track.

The NSWGR 38 class is one of the most popular HO gauge models made for NSW modellers. Early examples were made by Lima and were essentially toys for kids. The Model Dockyard, a reputable Melbourne based retailer was the first to market with what could be considered a fine-scale brass model of the C38. They were well more than a week’s wages at the time in 1963!

38’s made by Eureka and Mansfield on the Kingsholme model Railway.

These first Model Dockyard locos are still going today, some 55 or more years later and every now and then one will pop up on second-hand sites and eBay.

The Lima 38 Class is a great model for first-time modellers and there were detailing kits developed for the model to satisfy the more demanding modeller and there are plenty around second hand.

High Quality Models become available.

Fast forward to the 1980s and Mansfield Hobbies in Northern Sydney were the next to release the 38 class in streamlined and flat nose versions, in Brass and factory painted versions. These are the mainstay of the brass modeller today and there are plenty of them still running and command excellent prices second hand.

These are popular for DCC and sound conversions, delivering a very realistic model.

2009 and Eureka Models released their version of the C38 class. A highly detailed plastic model, this suited

Eureka 3801

the serious modeller and these can still be found second hand. They are good runners and looked after deliver many hours of enjoyment. These were the first model of a C38 class with factory DCC and sound options.

Eureka plans a rerun of this popular model in 2020. Ask us for details.

Precision Scale Models, known for making Museum grade products released C38 models in very limited numbers in the early 2000s. These are the most sought after

PSM 3803. The best of the brass 38’s

models and some have traded for over $2,000. These are now considered collector’s items as so few were made.

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